Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Michael Hyatt – Leading Through Crisis


Six Sessions to Navigate the Chaos

Plus additional resources to further help you in your leadership.

Session 1: Shift Your Thinking

Move from a place of scarcity and fear to abundance and confidence
Quantify the resources at your disposal to draw on during this time
Recall past victories to fuel your resilience today
Take control of your thoughts so your mind becomes your ally not your enemy
Tool: Personal Resources Inventory

Session 2: Stay Grounded

Clearly understand what you have control over and what you don’t
Four areas to focus on to regain your sense of equilibrium
How to set yourself up for high-quality decision making when the stakes are high
Simple practices you can use every dayβ€”no matter how crazy it getsβ€”to combat overwhelm, exhaustion, and fear
Tool: The Grounding Habits Record

Session 3: Assess Your Vulnerabilities

The four areas in your business you must consider when assessing vulnerabilities to build the foundation for your Crisis Action Plan
The specific questions you need to ask in each domain to ensure you’ve thought of everything
Identify your top five to seven vulnerabilities that must be addressed now to survive
Tool: The Business Vulnerability Assessment

Session 4: Reduce Your Risks

Four strategies to employ to reduce your biggest risks
Identify what you need to Suspend, Reduce, Eliminate, and Diversity now
How to create a three-tiered approach that guarantees you respond appropriately to your top five to seven vulnerabilities
Tool: Risk Mitigation Planner

Session 5: Identify Your Opportunities

How to leverage innovation and creativity like never before
The four-part framework for identifying which opportunities make the most sense to pursue given your particular context
Discover hidden opportunity in four areasβ€”Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Expansion, and Business Diversification
Tool: Crisis Opportunity Maximizer

Session 6: Implement Your Plan

A three-step process to help you quickly develop a communication plan for your team and your most important external relationships to inspire confidence and trust
Exactly what your employees and customers need to hear from you now
How often you need to communicate to keep everyone aligned
The biggest communications mistakes you can make in a crisis and how to avoid them.
Quickly finalize your Crisis Action Plan for rapid implementation
Tools: Crisis Communication Planner and Crisis Action Plan

Additional Training: Cash Flow Scenario Planner

Run cash flow scenarios to understand your tolerance for revenue dips
Determine which expenses you can afford to continue and which ones you can’t
Identify how long you can go before you need to do layoffs or make other significant decisions
Determine whether or not you need to pursue additional cash resources like emergency loans, lines of credit, personal asset liquidation, etc.

Additional Training: Layoff Decision Maker

Three questions you need to solve if you’re considering layoffs.
How to assess if layoffs are necessary for your organization.
Specific questions to inform who you should lay off (if that’s what you choose).
A process for handling the layoff conversation, and how to do it with care and concern.

Additional Training: Church and Non-Profit Leader Implementation Guide

Specific guidance on how to apply the course principles in a non-profit setting.
A four-part framework to help pastors and non-profit leaders think through what matters most now
How to assess, respond, engage and communicate with your congregation or constituents for maximum impact in crisis
Common mistakes non-profit leaders make in crisis and how to avoid them

You and Your Organization Can Succeed in Crisis

The unknown does not have to threaten the future of your organization. With the right tools and strategy, you can emerge from a crisis stronger. With Leading Through Crisis, you can thrive in the midst of your greatest challenges. Order the course today.

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