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Sunny Lenarduzzi – YouTube For Bosses Course Review 2020


Is Sunny Lenarduzzi’s YouTube for Bosses Class Worth It?

Without a correct strategy on YouTube, your videos aren’t getting to reach the complete potential of viewers. Whether you’re alittle business owner, entrepreneur, YouTuber, content creator or social media marketing strategist, you’ve got been checking out ways to urge your targeted views on YouTube. But how are you able to crack the goal in your competitive sector?

YouTube Marketing may be a tool among the most-talked subjects in social media and entrepreneur circles immediately . one among the most questions we get most is the way to start on YouTube.

Who is Sunny Lenarduzzi ?

Most entrepreneurs and organizations are beginning to realize this and adapt their content and social media strategy accordingly. Other entrepreneurs recognized this trend early and are already way before the curve. Sunny Lenarduzzi, an award-winning video, social media and online business strategist is one among those entrepreneurs.

In just a couple of short years, Sunny has built a successful business helping other companies utilize video marketing and social media effectively. Among her accomplishments, she helped Hootsuite develop a YouTube series that increase subscriptions by 75%, and Applebee hit 1 billion impressions during a single day. She was named one among the 20 Must Watch YouTube Channels which will Change Your Business by Forbes, and has been featured on national radio, television, and various online publications including Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, and Fast Company.

Sunny is additionally the creator of several online courses, the foremost recent one achieving a 90% conversion rate when she launched it to her audience (we’ll unpack how she did this later during this case study).

We interviewed Sunny to find out more about how she built her business, the video marketing strategy she wont to build her audience, and her process for creating and selling online course.

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What’s Inside The Course


  • Content Clues: Video Content Brainstorming Tactics AND The Exact Strategy I Use to Discover Strong Video and Content Topics That Your Target Audience Is Seeking
  • Keywords to Success: A Complete Guide Through The Google Keyword Planner to Demonstrate Exactly How to Use SEO to Optimize and Rank Your YouTube Videos on Page 1- Leading to Free, Targeted, Organic Traffic Coming to Your Channel Every. Single. Day.


  • How to Structure Your Videos: The Exact Outline and Structure to Use in Order to Create Your High-Converting, Customer Attracting Video Content
  • Writing the Perfect Script: The Key Elements that Every Script Requires PLUS My Exact Script Writing Process I Use For Every Video
  • Video Editing in Under 5 Minutes: A 5 Minute, Step-By-Step Demonstration on Exactly How to Edit Your High-Converting YouTube Video


  • How to Get Even More Views for Your Video: All of the Steps, Tips, Secrets and Tactics I Use that Will Help Your Video Get the Views, Engagement, and First Page Ranking You Deserve
  • My Exact Video Ranking Steps: Including How to Write Your Video Titles, Descriptions, Tagging, Thumbnail creation, Transcription and More!


  • Email Marketing: How To Use Your YouTube Videos To Build Your Email List, and In Return, Use Your Email List to Build and Grow Youtube Channel
  • Social Media Promotion: How to Add Gasoline to The Fire By Promoting Your Videos Through Social Media. I Will Take You Through Each Social Platform Including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to Demonstrate How to Use Them Each Specifically to Gain More Views on Your Videos.


Okay So We’ve Created, Optimized, Uploaded and Promoted Your YouTube Video, But We Can’t Leave Without Demonstrating How To Turn Your Views Into Actual Leads.

  • Part 1: Opt-in Concept
  • Part 2: Opt-in Design
  • Part 3: Leadpage Set-Up
  • Part 4: Email Integration
  • Part 5: Testing 

Download Sunny Lenarduzzi – YouTube For Bosses Course Now!! Click Here


To grow your business on YouTube, you would like a video content brainstorming tactics and strategy that your target customer is seeking. But keywords are another key to success in YouTube marketing. you’ll get an entire guideline on the way to use Keyword Everywhere, Google Keyword to rank your YouTube videos on Page 1.

If you’ll rank on the primary page you’ll get free, targeted, organic traffic coming to Your Channel every single day. one among the items I learn from this section is how I can connect TubeBuddy (Click here to urge it) with Keyword EveryWhere to urge the possible keyword which has far more search terms, low competition and features a good score in Tube Buddy.

But if you have thought of being a Content creator as well as video marketer you should follow what sunny teached in her course and test the thing sway out she did. After researching a lot upon her course i came to know that her course has put upon a great value for the Creators that’s why she has got most respectful reviews about his course and is being featured in the most famous magazines of the world.

Download Sunny Lenarduzzi – YouTube For Bosses Course Now!! Click Here

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